What Does A Medical Laboratory Technician Do?

The job of Medical Lab Technician is expected to grow more quickly than average and have great job prospects in the future. However, before you decide to jump into this field, you should make sure you know the answer to the question “What does a medical lab technician do?”

Although the answer to this question might vary a bit depending on the place of employment, the basic answer is that they perform laboratory tests and procedures.

A Medical Lab Technician is usually involved in procedurally performing laboratory tests to ascertain the conditions of the patient(s) as authorized by the Doctor and giving the feedback of test results. They are at a position to prepare the specimens of blood and other body fluids for testing and analysis or they may carry out simple automated tests under strict guidelines. You need to find how to become one? On this page you find the fundamental tips and qualifications that are necessary for you to become a medical technician.

Generally, a Medical Lab Technician completes a certificate program or associates degree where they learn the necessary skills of the job. Some also take an exam so that they become certified, which makes it clear to employers that they have the necessary skills and knowledge to do their job well and makes it so that they will have an easier time finding positions.

In order for you to become a medical lab technician, you will need to meet the following minimum qualifications: be in a possession of an Associate or Bachelor degree in Lab Science or be in possession of an Accredited Medical Lab Certificate. On the other hand, the individual may be required to have an equivalent education and experience qualifications as defined by ASCP in order to be eligible for the MLT/MT category. Basically, having a formal training in Medical Lab from a state recognized institution.

They prepare specimens of blood and other body fluids for testing and analysis and perform some of the simpler automated tests, as well as some of the manual tests while following detailed instructions.These tests might be to test for abnormalities, drugs, blood type, bacteria, parasites, microorganisms, and chemicals in the samples. Most of the actual analysis of the results is usually done by the Technologists or Laboratory Managers, though more simple analysis might be done by a Technician in some cases.

Medical Lab Technicians usually work under Medical Lab Technologists and do the less complex tests and analysis since they have less training than the Technologists.