Administrative Courses in Colorado

Metropolitan State College of Denver educates more undergraduate students than any other school in the state, enrolling nearly 22,000 students each year. The college offers 53 academic programs through its Denver campus and two satellite campuses.

This 4-year degree program has several concentrations, including drug and alcohol counseling, addiction studies, high risk youth studies, violence counseling and nonprofit organization administration. Students can also follow a general curriculum that teaches many aspects of human services. Each track has a separate learning center where students can participate in academic internships, gain practical human services experience and discuss professional opportunities with human services administrators.

The core of the human services program includes courses such as applied behavior analysis, small group dynamics, theory and practice of counseling and legal and ethical issues in helping professions. Students also take elective courses tailored to their specific areas of interest within human services. With this degree, students can seek entry-level human services positions with government agencies, education systems, private and public medical clinics and research facilities.

The School of Human Sciences offers programs to students looking to work as counselors, addiction specialists, therapeutic specialists, family outreach specialists and in related occupations. The program offers flexible elective courses that allow students to study in a particular field of human services, including community health, gerontology, rehabilitative services and educational counseling. The core curriculum combines technical health courses with general business courses that allow students to practice their skills in dynamic, administrative health settings. Students work with state-of-the-art medical equipment and supplies to apply knowledge and learned human services capabilities. Courses include health education strategies, healthcare management principles, family counseling, public health and environment, mental health, human services career assessment and human service programming and procedures.