Administrative Courses in Alabama

Alabama A & M University

Class AA/Education Specialist Courses

EAS 630 Management of Instructional Programs
EAS 631 School Organization for Personnel Development
EAS 632 Federal, State, and Local Legislation & Policy Development
EAS 633 Management of Educational Support Services
EAS 634 Organizational Leadership for Operations
EAS 635 Mentoring for Educational Leaders

Alabama State University

Class AA/Education Specialist Courses

ADM 601 Advanced School Personnel
ADM 605 School-Based Administration
ADM 675 Educational Leadership: Superintendent
ADM 680 Advanced School Law
ADM 691 Mentoring in Administration
ADM 697 Field Study I
ADM 698 Field Study II

Doctoral Courses

LPL 700 Leadership Studies
LPL 705 Administrative Theory
LPL 715 Fiscal Leadership
LPL 750 Constitutional Law
LPL 755 Personnel & Liability Issues
LPL 800 Field Applications I
LPL 805 Field Applications II

Auburn University

Class AA/Education Specialist Courses

EDLD 8220 Personal & Professional Development
EDLD 8230 Systematic Planning & Budgeting
EDLD 8240 Trends & Issues in Educational Administration
EDLD 8250 Organizational Power, Politics & Policy Formation
EDLD 8270 Leadership in Finance & Management
EDLD 8300 Curriculum Theory & Practice
EDLD 8480 Institutional Research & Decision Support
EDLD 8940 Directed Field Experience
Doctoral Courses
EDLD 7210 Multi-professional Leadership
EDLD 7330 Introduction to Curriculum & Instructional Leadership
EDLD 8200 Assessment and Evaluation in Learning Organizations
EDLD 8210 Educational Leadership Theory & Practice
EDLD 8260 Theory & Development of Organizations
EDLD 8310 Leadership in the Development & Application of Curriculum & Theory Design
EDLD 8320 Curriculum Leadership for Organizations
EDLD 8340 Transformational Processes & Organizational Change
EDLD 8400 Ethics for Leaders
EDLD 8950 Seminar

Auburn Montgomery

Class AA/Education Specialist Courses

EDAL 7000 Organizational Behavior in Schools
EDAL 7100 Educational Finance
EDAL 7200 Educational Facilities Planning & Management
EDAL 7300 Mentoring in Educational Leadership
EDAL 7400 Educational Policy Development
EDAL 7500 Research in Educational Leadership
EDAL 7902 Studies in Educational Leadership
EDAL 7984 Problem Analysis Project
EDAL 8972 Current Issues in Educational Leadership

Jacksonville State University

Class AA/Education Specialist Courses

EAD 622 Effective School Research
EAD 636 School Plant Planning
EAD 655 Supervision & Staff Development
EAD 637 School Personnel Administration
EAD 648 Curriculum Issues in Administration
EFD 615 Leadership in Education
EFD 632 Assessment
EFD 633 Funding for School Improvement