Administrative Associate Degree

An Administrative Associate’s degree could lead to a career as an executive administrative assistant, legal secretary or medical secretary. The Administrative Assistant program trains students to meet the many challenges of the electronic office. Students develop specialized knowledge in automated office equipment, word processing, office systems, accounting, and administrative skills.

Behind the scenes work at offices, corporations, and businesses is not a short list of tasks. Office Administration professionals conquer multiple tasks daily that provide a base for companies across a wide range of industries to succeed. Online office administration certified programs can leave an individual with an associate’s degree. A student can further their education in office administration by ultimately obtaining a master’s degree. Length of study will greatly depend on what degree distinction an individual wants to obtain.

Students can earn an associate’s degree in two years at a community or online college, and typically pay much less for classes than at a liberal arts college or large university. In addition, they can choose to study almost any field, including business, marketing, education, health care and technology.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics says an online associate’s degree can increase earning potential, as associate’s degree holders make about 15 percent more than individuals who only have high school diplomas. In a changing job market and weak economy, it is now more important than ever before to further you education in order to be more seriously considered for employment.

An accredited online associate’s degree program will take students approximately two years to complete. With online enrollment in an associate’s degree program for administration students will have the opportunity to pursue careers in criminal justice, business, health care, human resources, office administration, and other professions. Students will study various coursework depending on the specific area of the field they choose to work in. Basic coursework at this level may consist of accounting, communications, social sciences, and many other subjects. An associate’s degree will prepare students to start their career or further their education by obtaining a bachelors degree.