Wilkes-Barre PA vocational technical school

There are many technical schools in Pennsylvania. Among these one of the important undergraduate schools, which gives technical education for students and make them fit for employment is the Wilkes-Barre vocational technical school (Wilkes-barre area vocational-technical school Luzerne county, Pennsylvania, 2006)

Wilkes-Barre vocational technical school is situated in 350 Jumper Road, Plains Township, Pennsylvania. The school is a public school and offers 4-year undergraduate program. Since it is a public school the students could avail the different types of grants offered by the department of education. It has a capacity to accommodate about 150 students. The school provides secondary, post secondary as well as technical education for its students. The school does not provide campus housing. One of the most important technical programmes of the school is practical nursing training program. The course is of less than 2-year duration. This is a certificate course in nursing and could be easily picked up those who are interested in nursing career. These students are also eligible for scholarships and grants from the department of education. Thus the government would meet the expense of the course. Several thousands of nurses have already passed out and are serving in the different parts of the country (Wilkes-barre practical nursing training program, 2008).

Thus it could be seen that Wilkes-Barre PA vocational technical school is one of the best public schools in Pennsylvania. It provides different types of undergraduate courses for the students. One of the best courses of the school is the practical nursing program, which caters the needs of hospitals in the state.