Grasso Technical School

Grasso technical school is located in southeastern Connecticut. It is one of the 17 schools in the chain of Connecticut’s Regional Vocational School System, which is the largest of its kind in the whole state. The school provides education for secondary and post secondary students apart from the various technical courses they provide. The faculty of the school believes that in order to become good citizens the students should have enough knowledge, but at the same time they should also develop integrity, proper ways to work, skills for their work etc. Thus the school shapes the students to best and responsible citizens of America.

Some of the technical courses offered by them are Automotive technology, Automotive repair, Bioscience, Environmental technology, Carpentry, computer sciences, Drafting, Repair and maintenance, Culinary arts, Electrical works, Barbering, Customer service management, Plumping and heating, Information technology etc. Academic courses include Art, Mathematics, Science, Social studies, Health and Physical education. There are work based learning programs through which the students could earn while they learn, career development programs, special education programs etc. There are school nurse who would keep the medical records of all the students. In the evenings the school also has adult education programs. These include a lot of courses, which would give adults a career advancement or general awareness through the courses of their interest.

Thus it could be seen that Grasso technical school is located in Connecticut and it cater the needs of the students and adults in the area by providing courses in different field of their interest. Thus the school helps in shaping its students into good citizens of America.