Washburn Trade School

Washburn trade school is actually an abandoned school, which was closed down in the 90s. It was located in Division street at the Sedgwick corner Chicago IL.. The school remnants are still these in place. The alumni of the school have formed a grup and their relationship is strong with a website of their own. The place was mostly populated with Italians and Americans, but nowadays most of the population is composed of Africans. Al Pellicore Training Center has its beginning in the Washburn trade school (Washburn trade school, 2008).

The school had two buildings in a T shape and was three to five storied (Washburn trade school, 2008). A survey through the school remanats has revealed that the school had courses on automotives, music, welding, plumping etc. It is also understood that some other courses like typing, type setting etc were also taught there. Thus the school could have served the people of Chicago Illinois during its golden age. The development of other schools with more sophisticated courses and infrastructure would have lead to the closure of this school. However in the memories of its alumni the school is still alive (What is the history of the Washburn Trade School? 2008).

Thus it could be seen that Washburn trade school of Chicago Illinois was a trade school, which catered the needs of the people there for their best career options. Due to some reasons, the school is closed down and only remnants of the schools are available which forms an interesting place for children and teenagers to play.