Veterinary Tech Schools

A veterinary technician is one of the many medical assistant positions in the medical and health field. Those who care about animals and would like to work with them may consider becoming a veterinary technician. They work alongside the veterinarian performing clinical and laboratory procedures. They must complete a formal training program and pass an exam; these programs are available at schools, colleges, or universities. Veterinary technicians are trained professional support staff who provide assistance to veterinarians and biomedical/laboratory researchers. Technicians provide patient monitoring, animal restraint, surgical and dental assistance, laboratory diagnostics, administration of medicines and treatments, anesthesiology among other vital animal care and veterinary clinical tasks. They work with physicians and scientists as they research ways to prevent and treat various human health problems. Some are involved in food safety and inspection, zoo, veterinary hospitals, aquarium, or laboratory animals.

Some technicians are trained on the job by the veterinarians or other technicians on staff. Some technicians attend schools that offer two or four year degrees in the science of veterinary technology. Upon completion of a formal academic program or by taking state-administered certification tests, one can become certified as a veterinary technician. Certified technicians often have a better job outlook and higher income opportunities, but this varies with an individual’s level of experience and by local demands. The average annual salary for veterinary technicians ranges from $30,000 to $60, 000, the highest few percent earning $70,000 per year.

Various Colleges of USA and Canada which offer Veterinary technical programmes are:
1) Yuba college, California
2) Colorado Mountain College
3) Columbus State Community College
4) Median School
5) North Dakota State University
6) Purdue University
7) Virginia Community College
8) Wilson College
9) Cedar Valley College
10) Fort Valley State University