Oregon is a land of extreme contrast and beauty with heavily forested coast, arid prairie lands and fertile valleys. One can find ample space for recreational activities in places like Portland, Crater Lake, Mt. Hood, Bend etc. Whereas Portland is a place for arts and design, Hillsboro and Beaverton is technologically inclined with the presence of corporate giants like Intel and Tektronix. After graduating from vocational schools students will find ample opportunities in the field of telecommunications, computers, arts, design and other fields.

One can find a variety of programs in various vocational schools across Oregon like aircraft technician(ground and flight), applied and creative arts, design, media, fashion, automotive and diesel technology, barbering and cosmetology, bar tending, accounting, administrative, data entry, general office, management, marketing, secretarial, computer courses ,culinary, electronics, health science courses like dental technician, nursing, x-ray technician, fashion designing, legal and paralegal, telecommunications, travel and tourism, casino, veterinary science, theology, property management, marine and diving, horseshoeing, interior designing, gunsmithing, film and photography, drafting and architecture, counseling and psychology, broadcasting etc.

The greatest advantage about a vocational school is that it offers technical, career oriented training programs along with the high school studies so that one need not waste extra money in learning them after high school. All the above programs improve your chances for employment without wasting unnecessary time in studying subjects that don’t interest you. Many vocational schools also provides classes on the evenings and weekends to cater the needs of those who are already in a job but want to increase their skill level. Many programs are available both through regular and distance education mode. Instructors at the vocational schools provide greater attention to students with various disabilities and help them complete study programs without much difficulty. There are many vocational and technical schools in Oregon offering the above programs. One can get a complete list of all vocational schools by both the city in which they are located and the type of programs they offer by searching the internet or contacting the Oregon State Education Board.