Paramedical Esthetician

A paramedical esthetician is someone who has undergone complete professional training in caring for and treating healthy skin. Whether we address the aesthetician as “medical,” “paramedical,” “clinical,” or “camouflage therapist,” the fact is that this person has chosen to work in the medical field. Some estheticians specialize by becoming paramedical estheticians. They work with plastic surgeons and dermatologists in pre-and postoperative skin care. Under the guidance of a licensed health care provider, they provide treatments that prepare the skin for surgery for a more comfortable healing process. Generally the following opt for this course licensed cosmetologists, & aestheticians, licensed paramedics Nurses, Physician assistants but freshers can also do the course.
The training program integrates the science and precision of advanced skin care procedures with the artistry and elegance of beauty. The training ranging from six to eighteen months tells you what you need to do and to know to start a career in medical aesthetics and how to be successful in this field. At the end of the program, the attendee will ber knowledgeable in aspects of medical aesthetics, fully informed of up-to-date skin care equipments, products and theories, be very self-confident in handling the most precise and difficult skin care procedures.
Career opportunities are increasingly appearing for Para Medical Estheticians to work at existing and new Medical Spas, Cosmetic Medicine Practices, as well as Physician supervised wellness centers. Under supervision, you will be able to utilize medical grade devices as well as products. Your day-to-day tasks may include medical facials, laser hair removal, medical peels, laser skin rejuvenation, cellulite treatments using a medical device, and more.
You could potentially make a good living working as an esthetician. Paramedical estheticians can earn anything between an annual salary of $25,000 till $50,000 based on experience, size and location of the work place, the number of hours worked and clients.