Redken Laboratories was founded in 1960 by inspiration from the American actress Paula Kent. The company was founded form her needs to find beauty products that were actually good to the skin. She along with her hair dresser Jheri Redding (hence the name REDKEN) began the company with three products developed on the principles of protein technology, the pH of the hair and products that were recommended by top cosmetologists. The company revolutionalized the idea of hair conditioning by introducing the concept of protein reconditioning and now holds more than sixty patents on various products and ingredients. All of the REDKEN products are scientifically formulated and hence of superior quality. The REDKEN office located at 5th Avenue NYC has grown to become a world class hair beauty provider.

The salon professional academy Tacoma is affiliated to Redken for offering world class training in the field of cosmetology, esthetics and nail technology. The cosmetology and hairstyling program at the salon professional academy Tacoma teaches the basic and the latest in the contemporary techniques in the field of hair cutting, hair coloring and hair designing for men, women and children. The program also teaches about the concept of hair texture and how to create unique hairstyles for the clients. Nail manicuring, pedicuring and esthetic skin care procedures are also taught.

Estheticians are professionals involved in the non medical care of the skin. An esthetician has deep knowledge about the various treatment options available to keep the skin healthy and attractive. The job of an esthetician includes cleansing the skin with waster and cream, chemical peeling of the skin to reduce wrinkles and spots, advising clients about make up styles and coloring, removing facial and body hair using wax treatment, giving manicures and pedicures, doing facial massages and other simple procedures like blackhead extraction, selecting and applying cosmetic products, collaborating with dermatologists and plastic surgeons to provide pre operative and post operative care to patients etc.

The cosmetology course includes training for about 1500 hours for a tuition fee of about $15,850. The esthetics course can be finished in 600 hours with a tuition fee of $6,000 and the nail technology course will take 400 hours with a tuition fee of about $3,000.

The dynamic environment at the saloon prompted REDKEN to sponsor its training programs. The salon professional academy Tacoma is committed to providing excellent training in cosmetology and uses only REDKEN products in training its students. All the programs are offered in a non-traditional, learner focused approach with extra attention being given to the business aspects. Most of their educators are trained by the REDKEN artistic team. They will definitely prepare you for a quality career in saloon profession, TV or film hair fashion and servicing salons through REDKEN.