Administrative Training

Administrative courses would enable a person to work in the administrative section in public sector or in local or state or federal government. There are both bachelors programs and masters program. These courses would enable a person to apply the academic theories of administration in the community, work place and wherever he goes for the betterment of the society and of the country.
There are both public administration courses and business administration courses. The public administration courses include subjects like criminal justice, health and human services, public management and policy etc (Public Administration Course Registration, 2008). A person who has a degree in any field of administration Political science or Sociology, could take the Masters program.. Business administration includes courses in management, health services, economics, marketing concepts and tools, etc (Fall 2000 Course Descriptions, 2008). Some of these courses are available online and there are part time courses with flexible timings, which could be taken by employed people as well. In fact most of the students are employed, who have joined the courses for betterment in their career. There are internship programs also in which the student would be trained in an organization, that is, in the actual work place, so that the confidence would be improved (Master of Public Administration, 2008). This however requires permission from such organizations. A list of these courses is available online (Courses in Arizona, 2008). The colleges, schools and universities offering these courses are also available online (Arizona College and University Degree Programs, 2008).
Thus it could be seen that there are many institutes in Arizona, which offer administrative courses in public administration as well as business administration. Most of these courses are part time courses which a person could take while he is employed for pushing his career further forward.