Cardiovascular Sonography School

Sonography is a course that is offered by medical imaging schools in which the use of ultra sound in the diagnosis or abnormalities in the inside of the body is taught. Sonographers are also called Ultrasound technicians. In this technology, high frequency ultrasound waves are used to produce image of the internal organs and could be used by doctors to diagnose conditions of heart, pregnancy, cancer etc. The sonographers are responsible to explain the procedures to the patients, operate the machine and handling over the images to the doctor. They also have to keep the record of all the patients (Ultrasound Tech Careers, 2008).
A career as a sonographer requires expertise in the use of complex machines and he should be able to decide the type of image required for proper diagnosis of a particular disease condition. There are many institutes in America, which offer courses in Medical Sonography, and a list of which are available online (Medical Imaging Schools, 2008). It is the same as cardiovascular sonography, but here only the imaging and diagnosis od cardiovascular diseases are taught. There are bachelors as well as Masters degree in the subject. Short-term training courses are also there which are usually of 12 to 14 months duration in which the students would get hands-on experience in the operation of machines and other procedures required on a routine basis and in highly specialized laboratories. The courses include high-tech obstetrics, imaging of the small parts, gynecology, Pediatrics, neurosonology etc.

Thus it could be seen that in Cardio vascular sonography school, the use of the ultrasound for disease diagnosis is taught. There are many courses of different duration, which one could take according to the interest. The sonographers who come out of the school would be employed in high-tech laboratories where ultrasound machines are used.

Cardiovascaular Technicians earn up to $72,000/year.

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