Certification for laser hair removal

Laser hair removal has got its accreditation as a course only recently. Previously mainly physicians practiced it, but now the non-physicians who are qualified in the laser hair removal techniques are also allowed to practice the same in a beauty saloon where hygienic conditions exists. This is a highly lucrative field, since this technique of hair removal is much preferred over the conventional waxing and electrolysis procedure.

The principle behind laser treatment is that when the skin with hair is exposed to laser rays, it would identify the hair by contrast against the skin color and would stun the hair so that it would fall off (Sanger, 2008). About one third of such hair would not grow again. Thus by multiple treatment it is possible to remove hair permanently. The course on laser hair removal includes basics of the equipment, its operation, principles, training on the procedure to provide service safely with good quality, life support training, training to prevent infection etc. In America there are several colleges, which offer the course. Rocky mountain college of Colorado is an example, which offers a 40-hour course to become a certified laser specialist (Laser Hair Removal Training Denver, Colorado, 2008). Calibre is a school in California (Laser Hair Removal Training, California, 2008), which offer the course. These two colleges are in the forefront in offering quality courses.

Thus it could be seen that the laser hair removal training has a recent origin in America, however there are many institutes, which provide the courses in different states. After the course a person could get a highly rewarding job in beauty saloons.