Certified Ultrasound Technologist

A certified ultrasound technologist is a person who is licensed to practice ultrasound technology for diagnostic and therapeutic purpose (Ultrasound Technologist Jobs and Salary Range, 2008). In this technology, ultrasonic sound waves are used to take images of the inside of the body and could be used for various purposes such as detecting a fractured bone or to monitor the growth of a fetus etc. Yet another use is to eliminate unwanted tissues by burning away by generating heat.

A career as an ultrasound technologist is highly rewarding and the number of schools which offer courses are less. Therefore it is very difficult to get admission to these courses which require two to three years to complete and require a lot of money. Moreover it requires a bachelors degree in science to get admission to these courses. But it is possible to get license without the course by practicing with an experienced and certified practitioner, who is ready to teach all the skills required. Such clinics are available throughout America and one could complete one to two years of practicing to write exams for license under American Registry for Diagnostic Medical Sonography (ARDMS) (Bajwa, 2008). These training programs are offered as full time as well as part time and therefore those who are already working could also undertake this training for a change of profession.

Thus it could be seen that ultrasound technologists is a highly rewarding career in America. In order to get license to get practice, exams of ARDMS has to be cleared and for this one has to complete courses of 2 to 3 years duration after bachelors program or simply go to a certified practitioner and get experience under him for 1-2 years.