Dialysis Tech School

Dialysis technician course is ideal for people who have an aptitude towards science and technology and would like to work in the medical field. The duty of a dialysis technician is to perform dialysis by operating the equipment in a patient with kidney failure. This is different from dialysis technologist who is concerned with the equipment maintenance and repair only.

Previously it was easy to take up the job after a high school diploma and some experience. But nowadays people look for qualified hands from dialysis tech school for the purpose. In the dialysis tech school there is short-term diploma course of 6 to 12 weeks duration in which the student would be learning principles of dialysis, anatomy and physiology of kidney, complications of renal failure and how to operate the equipment. There would be theory and practical class. After completing the course he should have at least 6 to 12 moths of work experience for getting the license through Nephrology Nursing certification commission, Board of Nephrology Examiners Nursing and Technology or National Nephrology certification organization. After this he could work, in hospitals, clinics, home dialysis units etc. There are many colleges in US, which provide the course, and one of the most important one is Everest College, which has its branches in most of the important cities of America. University of Phoenix also has this program.

Thus it could be seen that dialysis technician course is a comparatively short-term course and it is easy to get certification for practicing. So people who are interested in the field could easily find a highly rewarding career in this line. There are many schools in America, which offer the course