Barber College in America

Americans attach a lot of importance to their physical appearance. This is true if he or she is a youngster or old or executive or a student. The trends in the hair styling and cutting always changes and they would like to have the best of the day for presenting themselves in front of others. Therefore barbers have great demand in the country. There are many barber colleges which provide basic education required for a certificate and also refresher courses in which the most modern trends are taught.

In America, in order to work as a barber a license is required which has to be renewed on yearly basis. The license would be issued only if the person has completed at least 1500 hrs of barbering course (Schools in the, 2008). But this is just the beginning. In order to become a barber well demanded by people, there should be an in born skill with thorough practice. It is also essential to attend short term courses which vary from 38 hours to 400 hours in different colleges. In most of the colleges the courses are offered as part time and full time so that a person who is working or attending some other courses also could learn barbering. The timings are also flexible especially for the refresher courses so that the barbers could learn new techniques without affecting their job (Bay View Barber College, 2008). All the modern techniques in hair styling, cutting, coloring, perming, straightening, designing etc would be taught with hands on training so that the student would be confident to start a business by his own soon after completion of the course. Theory classes on sterilization of the equipments, properties of scalp, hair etc, anatomy, physiology etc are also taught in these long term courses.

Thus it could be seen that barbering is one of the best profession in America and there are many barber colleges across the country which offer long term basic courses and short term refresher courses. A certificate from these colleges is required to get a license which is a pre-requisite to practice as a barber.