Barber School New York

New York City is situated in the south east of the state New York and is the most populated area in US. This is the hub of all the business activities and the people here are much bothered about their appearance, especially their hair styles.

There are many barber schools in the New York City in which people who are interested in this profession would be trained in different aspects of barbering. Apart from this, salon management, communication skills, sales techniques etc also would be taught. Concord school of hair design is the most reputed school in this category (Concord School of Hair Design, 2008). ABI is another reputed school which offers fast track courses which gives a certificate in just 8 weeks. This is the only school in New York which is approved to give such fast track and flexible courses (American Barber Institute). Here from the day one in the school, the students are allowed to do practical on real clients under the supervision of instructor so that he would be confident by the time he finishes the courses to start a business by his own. Atlas Barber School (2008) trains the students to take master barber examination which is the door to a license in the profession. In New York, if a person has completed 500 hrs of learning in a barbering school approved by Board of Regents , he could appear for the licensing exam.

Thus it could be seen that there are many hair institutes in the city which provide long term as well as short term courses of barbering. There are institutes which offer masters program in the subject also. Fast track courses are approved only in a few colleges and some of them are in the city.