LPN Schools in Philadelphia

Adults seeking an education in medicine and health may want to pursue licensed vocational nurse training. Licensed vocational nurses (LVNs) care for the sick or convalescent while working alongside physicians and registered nurses (RNs). Licensed practical nurses (LPN) like many other healthcare professionals are encouraged to continue their education. They usually provide basic health care and take patients’ vital signs. Many states require LVNs to have formal training, which can be obtained at schools, colleges, or universities. These training programs may result in either diplomas or certification. Depending on state regulations, training and licensing policies vary. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the job outlook is good and the average rate of employment is expected to increase.

LPN: Job Outlook and Career Profile
At the heart of the healthcare sector are nurses. They are the face of hospitality in many hospitals and play a huge role in the recovery of patients. Some licensed practical nurses hope to pursue a career in a more specialized nursing field or higher professional level. For example, some nurses hope to have a career as a nurse practitioner.

The topics that LPNs can choose from vary from school to school. Mental and Physical Health Maintenance:
Prevention of Injury, Illness, or Infirmity
Management, Teaching, and Counseling
Executing Nursing Treatment Regimen
Teaching Patients, Families, and Nurses
Case Findings and Management
Administration of Medications and Treatments

LPNs can complete these requirements in various ways. For those who want to attend formal courses, they may choose to attend courses at a college or technical school. These courses may be for a quarter or a semester. For those who want to attend a course but would like flexible scheduling, there are online courses. Lastly, other options include seminars, workshops, and other work-based activities.

Top Three Colleges in Philadelphia
Temple University
Public, Four-Year College

University of Pennsylvania
Private, Four-Year College

Drexel University
Private, Four-Year College