Court Reporting Schools in Pennsylvania

Court reporter is a career in which one has to produce an accurate record of the legal or judicial meetings as well as proceedings. There are several methods for doing this job, which include real-time reporting, stenography, electronic reporting, voice writing, etc. The skills required to perform each of these duties are different. The skill for voice writing could be developed in less than a year in a school where as other skills require long years of study and experience.

In a court reporter degree program, the skills required to produce accurate legal record are taught. The courses include communication skills, clerical duties, legal terminology, English, vocabulary, Law, dictation, shorthand and ethics. Even after learning all these, only through real work experience in a court, a person would be able to excel in the job. The degree would impart typing skills, communication skills, administrative skills, research skills, organizational skills, transcription skills etc. Apart from court reporting these graduates could also work as a teacher or a consultant, or as manager. They would get an average annual salary of about $50000 (Associate of Offical Court Reporter: Degree Overview, 2008) A list of technical schools, colleges and universities offering different courses for court reporting in Pennsylvania are available online (Pennsylvania court reporting schools and colleges, 2008).

Thus it could be seen that court reporting is an excellent profession for those who loves to be in the courtroom and are interested in legal proceedings. There are many schools and colleges, which offer degree in the subject in Pennsylvania. After the course they could get a job in the court or if required as a manager, teacher etc.