Colleges for database administration

Database administrator store and manage information using database software. A good database administrator is the foundation for success for any business and therefore a person who is qualified from a reputed institute would be of great demand. In America there are many database administration courses. Soon after the completion of the degree there are options for jobs as well as for higher education. They get very high salary compared to many other professions in America.

In database administration courses the students would be taught designing, implementation and administration of the databases especially SQL server databases. The students should have knowledge in Oracle, IBM, Sybase, etc before learning SQL server and such students could take fast track courses (MCDBA, 2008). Others should take basic courses, which offer training in all the aspects of database administration. The courses are usually of 4-year duration and give a degree in Computer Science or Management Information System (Schneider, 2008). MCDBA certification is required after completion of the course in order to practice as database administrator. In order to become a Microsoft certified IT professional, one has to clear two more certification exams. Some institutes are offering online training programs to help students to get the certification.

Thus it could be seen that database administrator is one of the profession, which are highly salaried in America. In order to become a database administrator one should have a basic degree in computer science and should complete courses especially in administration of different database software and should pass the certification exams.