Oklahoma Phlebotomy schools

Phlebotomy is also known as venipucture. It is the science of taking blood from the patients for various blood tests and collection. They have to work along with nurses and doctors in the patient care. This is a job of great responsibility and phlebotomists are of great demand in America and there are many institutes, which offer courses on the subject.

The phlebotomy courses are of 9 to 12 months duration and include courses like genetics, blood groups, immunology, collection and storage of blood, donor processing, administrations, data processing etc (Phlebotomy Careers, 2008). The course could be taken after the completion of a high school diploma or equivalent. Since they have to work in close association with patients they should have pleasing behavior also. The course would impart skills to use syringes, needles, vacuum tubes etc. After the course the students should clear board examination for getting the license required to practice. Certified phlebotomists could take advanced courses, which are necessary to renew license. A list of the schools in Oklahoma offering the courses is available on line (Medical Training Vocational Schools, 2008)

Thus it could be seen that Phlebotomy courses are of demand in America and there is a good scope for a better career after completion of the course. All aspects covering the blood and its collection, storage, etc, are taught in the course. There are advanced courses also for phlebotomists who are already practicing.