Barber Cosmetologist

While cosmetology deals with the overall human body, barbering concentrates on the hair. But the aim of both is the same and that is to create beautiful and smart individuals. Both these professions are worth millions of pounds in the UK. The surprising fact is that men are equally becoming obsessed with their looks. Since the kind of job openings available today requires dynamic personalities confident both inward and outward, the new generation has become very conscious of their appearance and is willing to spend hundreds of pounds on various beauty options. Since both the jobs cannot be replaced by machine power the industry remains stable.

The job of a cosmetologist involves doing services that helps improve ones personal appearance. This many include performing manicures, hair cutting, styling and shampooing, make up and other beauty treatments like facials, electrolysis and skin care. Cosmetologists can also specialize as beauty therapists and body therapists or make up artists according to their interest in the respective field. Then there are other areas like aromatherapy, reflexology, electrotherapy, massage etc. Many cosmetology schools in the UK offer short term courses, diploma and post graduate courses in various subjects certified by the NVQ National Vocational Qualification and British Association of Beauty Therapy and Cosmetology (BABTAC). Some schools also offer courses recognized by various international beauty organizations like International Health & Beauty Council (IHBC), International Make-up Association (IMA), and Confederation of International Beauty Therapy & Cosmetology (CIBTAC). Certain schools offer courses that are not recognized but sufficient to allow private practice at home.

Study programs include classroom lectures followed by practical, demonstrations from experts and industry visits. Students are evaluated on the basis of written exams and practical. Course fee for a full time diploma that may last up to a year is generally around 9,000. Postgraduate courses are for those who already have a diploma and are looking for intensive training in selected fields like electrolysis, aromatherapy, reflexology or Indian head massage. It will take anything from one week to one year to finish the course. Short term courses are also available in make up, manicure, pedicure, hair dressing, warm strip waxing and other subjects. Such courses only last for a few days. After completing the course cosmetologists can work from their own house, offer a mobile service, in saloons, spas, in television and film industry, and cruise ships etc. A cosmetologist can make up to 30 per hour depending upon the qualification and level of experience.

Barbering schools in the UK offer various courses covering all aspects of hair dressing like cutting, colouring, shampooing, perming, styling and all other latest techniques. The job of a hair dresser involves giving tips regarding the selection of a hair style, giving advice on any hair or scalp problems like that. Some also specialize as either mens or womens hair dressers. Then some offer service to a particular group like the Afro- Americans or Asians and deal with hair styles that suit their physiques. Any one wanting to work as a hair dresser must have the following qualifications: NVQ levels 2 and 3 in Barbering and NVQ levels 1, 2 and 3 in Hairdressing. An experienced hair dresser can also go for higher qualification like City & Guilds Level 4 Higher Professional Diploma in Salon Management. After passing out one may work as a hair dresser in saloons, offer a mobile service, in television and film industry, and cruise ships etc. An average hair dresser can hope to make around 20,000 a year but this may vary depending upon the employer and the job location.