Barber Certification

The profession of a barber has changed from that of family based trade. These days barbers not only cut hair but also do styling, shampooing, dyeing and designing. Not only that the modern barber also gives advice on hair treatment, scalp care and hair care products. The typical day of a barber involves discussing the cut and style options with clients, washing, cutting and drying hair, shaving and trimming beards and moustaches, giving advice on various hair treatment options, selling various hair care products, coloring and perming the hair, maintaining the equipments and the work area in general and other administrative duties.

In order to become a barber one must first get a high school diploma. Although a high school diploma is not mandatory, it helps with promotions and managerial positions in the long run. Then complete a two year school or colleges training program. Alternatively, you may choose to enter an apprenticeship training program which involves both in-class and on the job training with a mentoring barber. The school training program may or may not include on the job training. Cosmetology schools or technical schools offering barber training program are found throughout the United States. Most of the students opt for the formal training school program rather than going for the apprenticeship. When choosing a private schools please make it sure that they are approved by National Accrediting Commission of Cosmetology Arts and Sciences and the state board of cosmetology. After graduation barbers must successfully pass a written exam and a practical demonstration of their skills.

According to the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics, barbers make around $20,000 at an average level while the topmost barbers earning up to $50,000. Barbers work in family owned barber shops, beauty salons, film and television studios, retirement studios, hospitals and also independently. According to the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics, around 48% of the barbers are self employed.

The work of a barber can be really tough. Working indoors, they have to stand for hours on end. The typical working day can be a long one and they also tend to remain busy during the evening hours and weekends. Barbers ca wither work alone or alongside other beauty specialists. In the case of large barber shops, the barber may be involved only in cutting or colorings while the assistants taking care of the shampooing and other minor jobs. Barbers may also get into product sales or work as instructors in barbers and hairdressing schools.

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