Quarks in Fitness Training

Quark is a substitute for cream, yogurt, etc, that is free or low in fat and could be consumed as a healthy food without losing the shape of the body. Some people like to take servings of sour cream along with all the food whether breakfast or lunch or dinner. For them this product is a boon as it has the same taste and consistency of sour cream, but with fewer calories.

Quark could be purchased from any supermarket as ready-made product. It could also be prepared at home (To make Quark with Yoghurt, 2008). It could be prepared from milk or soybean milk (Method for the manufacture of cheese, quark and yogurt products from soybeans, 2008). It has its origin in central Europe and could be prepared in different consistencies like solid form or creamy form. It is almost similar to yogurt cheese, but with richer taste. In the market it is available in different forms such as full fat, low fat or fat free and could be purchased according to the need of the consumer. A cup of fat-free form has only 70 calories with no fat and 13g protein (Healthy food of the day: Quark, the perfect sour cream substitute, 2008). It could be used along with all the different forms of foods like bread, vegetables, baked products etc. Compared to plain fat free yogurt, quark is highly tasty and anybody who loves the original taste of yogurt would love quark also.

Thus it could be seen that quark is a cream/yogurt substitute that is high in protein and less in fat and therefore considered as a healthy food. People who love to have their food topped up with cream or yogurt could go for this as a substitute. It could be prepared at home and also available in the market.