Diseases and Fitness Training II

Obesity and associated type 2-diabetes is one of the greatest problems that the world face today. People are becoming aware of the importance of fitness training to fight away these conditions. Most of the people are engaging themselves in some kind of fitness exercises, at least walking, in these days.

Fitness training has been proved to manage sugar levels in safe limits. Most of the people with overweight suffer from type 2-diabetes. Obesity in children has become a great problem in the present days, especially because they spend less time out and would like to be indoors playing video games or watching televisions. This could make them susceptible to a number of diseases. Therefore parents have to see that their children engage in regular physical activity, and maintain a normal weight. If they could be trained to play outside and engage in games such as basketball, soccer etc where there is enough running and jumping they would continue to do that when they are adult also, thus having a better life style and longer life span. Weight bearing exercises helps the bones in two ways. Up to 30 years of age it would help the bones to become stronger and stronger by increasing the density of the bones. After 30 years it would help to prevent the loss of density of bones and thus maintain the health of the bone (Battle bone disease with weight training, 2008). This is especially true in women. Nowadays fitness training are organized in schools, clubs, colonies etc as a joint venture where people could have fun along with a healthy body and mind, which is necessary to keep away some of the deadly diseases (Brandy, 2006).

Thus it could be seen that as the diseases associated with obesity and sedentary life are increasing at an alarming rate, people all over the world are becoming more and more conscious about the their lifestyle, diets, weight etc. This has resulted in the inclusion of fitness training in the daily activities of most of the people.