Fitness Training in Children

A great number of students are obese these days, having overweight at a higher proportion. If this is continued, it is likely that they remain obese when they are adult also resulting in health problems such as heart diseases, high cholesterol, pressure, diabetes etc. So it would be ideal if the children could take regular exercises, which would keep them in normal weight and at the same time would provide a healthy body and mind.

The fitness training of the child starts with a warming up of 5 minutes, which could be slight walking or jogging or stretching (Fitness and exercise guide, 2008). After this the child has to do 15 to 40 minutes of exercise, which could be running, riding a bike or participating in any out door games, which burn off calories as per the interest of the child. It would be good if the child is made to do house chores. In the fitness-training program of children, the parents also have a role to play by providing healthy food, reducing the time of watching television, doing family exercises etc. After exercising, to avoid injury, the child should spend at least 5 minutes for cooling down in the same way as warm up. Strength training also could be done in a light way, not overloading with the weights. This is the easiest way to lose weight, since muscle burns more calories. It would improve the strength of the muscles and bones also (Strength training and your child, 2008). It would be ideal if the child could practice strength training on alternate days when he is not doing the normal exercises. Yoga is also good for the child for better health of the body and the mind and would improve the intelligence and concentration also along with the physical fitness (Yoga for children, 2008).

Thus it could be seen that fitness training for children is a must for children these days especially when most of them are having overweight. They could do regular exercises, strength training and also yoga according to their interest and the family has to give sufficient encouragement to make the child do this for their better health.